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Ssangyong Plans 23 Thousands Sales in China, Has not China M

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“We have made our marketing servicer work this year already. We make 23 thousand sales goal for this year in Chinese market.” LIU Hongwei, VP of Panda Group tells media during Ssangyong new Actyon media conference.

“Ssangyong plans 91 thousands export around the world,” vice president of South Korea Ssangyong Automotive CO., LTD tells media about the company overseas market plan, “Chinese market takes about 20% of our overseas sales.”

According to his introduction, Ssangyong is actively research into new energy automobile besides traditional gasoline and diesel fuel. At present, the company has two methods. First one is to develop pure electronic car, the second method is to develop hybridpower of electronic- diesel. However “both of them are under discussed, we have not decided yet.”

According to senior manager of Ssangyong, the company will introduce a new car at Beijing Auto Exhibition next month. The concept car is expected to be the original design of Ssangyong hybrid car. Besides, a 1.6L small displacement SUV will launch Beijing Auto Exhibition, which shall officially launch market at the next half year of next year.

Sep 2013, Ssangyong has only 80 dealers in China, but the figure has mounted double to 150 after half year to March 2014. The figure is still increasing. “At the end of this year it will mounts to 180.”
According to the figure, Ssangyong sales in China shall reach 23 thousands. Counted by 180 dealers, it is just more than 100 sales per dealer. However, dealer profit ability is not good enough. LIU Hongwei says “it indeed cannot support their profit according to the sales.”

However, he says that many dealers are confident with the future of Ssangyong future in China. He says that some dealers lose narrow when they transit to Ssangyong. “That is the reason for many cities takes Ssangyong as a competitor.”

Although Ssangyong has confident with its future development in China, it still does not make a clear schedule of China made process. “Ssangyong will consider about China made if sales reaches 50 – 100 thousand sales annually, which consider about market capacity and customer identification.”