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Super Luxury Automobiles Sales Decline, Company Sales Networ

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With Chinese automobile sales growth slows down, the rapid expansion super luxury brand now tastes its bitter result. According to statistics, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini etc. super luxury automobile brands sales in China has declined or step at the same growth. As reporter known, good days for super luxury automobile dealers have gone. Some dealers even say some mode terminal price almost "bankrupt". It cannot deny relationship between rapid expansion of super luxury brand before. Therefore, most of international automobile companies still take China as one of the most important potential market for super luxury brand automobile, and even has not reduce their sales goal in China up to now, but sales network expansion has slowed down.

Chinese automobile market fast growth attracts eyesight all over the world. Part of super luxury brands enter the market and speed up their market steps in China, particularly in first and second tier cities. Take Bentley for an example, the brand develops as many as 15 dealers in China last year. Rolls- Royce, on the other hand, develops 7 new dealers. Porsche develops another Porsche center in Beijing last year, which mount Porsche center number to 5 around Beijing area, and 53 around nation. The second authorized Maserati dealer open for business last year as well, which includes a exhibition room and 3S center after sales.

However, rapid expansion does not bring too much help for super luxury brand. According to statistics, Bentley sales has increased 19% in 2013 globally, but decline 3% in Chinese market. Ferrari faces the similar situation. Its sales decline 1 out of 3 to 554. Lamborghini 2013 sales are only 267, which has declined 16.7% over last year.

"In here, high-end automobiles sales normally take large percentage, but recently years situation is lower year by year." An integration dealer says. Compared with last year market performance, Audi Q7 and A8L sales of Jan has declined obviously, and profit "do not know how to describe."

For the situation, majority dealers believe super luxury brand has its "cold spell". "In fact, t the beginning of last year, super luxury brand sales have declined already compared with sales of 2012." The integration dealer says. But at that moment, sales are influenced by macro economy policy. Last year, some people say government will tax luxury, which causes super luxury automobile sales decline.

Meanwhile, dealers feel about stiff competition with rapid growth. "Look at the Beijing region, all super luxury automobiles have open business here. Shops increase, but sales remain the same." A dealer of Maserati tells reporter that competition among super luxury brand increases.

However, majority of super luxury brands still believe the future of Chinese market. "Economy influence over super luxury brand has its delay." WANG Cun, Sinomach senior marketing manager tells reporter, because European market is still struggling, and U.S economy faces its pressure after it quits QE. Therefore, super luxury brand still take Chinese market as its growth point. It explains that why Lamborghini, Maserati and Rolls-Royce etc. increase their supply into Chinese market. Even Rolls-Royce, which has not asked for sales quota before, now asks sales requirement for dealers as well. It is a single that reverse the situation of traditional automobile dealer getting rid of inventory.