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Major Auto Companies Looking For Stable Sales This Year, New

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Making sales goal is not an easy job to do. Too low, boss will not agree with; too high, cannot achieve. After 2 months past in 2014, majority auto companies publish their sales goal this year. Generally speaking with growth among 10%- 20%. Compared with 13.9% automobile production and manufacture growth, every figure is within reasonable. Of course, there are some companies with confident as well. They prepare guns and ammos to have a big fight this year. On the other hand, there are some conservative companies as well. Geely and Beijing Hyundai expect around 6% growth this year.

Although some companies bored under the same group and even products are more or less similar, their expectation for this year growth is much difference. Dongfeng- Citroen has achieved 280 thousand sales last year, which even 10 thousand more than its brother Dongfeng- Peugeot. But the company proposals 305 thousands sales this year, and announces to challenge 314 thousands sales. It only has 12.1% growth even counted by its challenge goal. However, Dongfeng- Peugeot made 345 thousands sales for last year, and prepare to exceed its brother Dongfeng- Citroen this year. If counted by 370 thousand sales goals for Dongfeng- Peugeot, its growth shall achieve 37% this year, which is 3 to 4 times more than Dongfeng- Citroen’s.

The situation of difference sales goal between brothers also exists between Honda brothers. Dongfeng- Honda has achieved 321 thousand sales last year. Besides, new Jade has achieved 7 thousand per month no long since it launching market, plus this year is Dongfeng- Honda’s “product year”, which means 1 new car and 2 improved successors market launching this year. However, Dongfeng- Honda still makes a stable sales goal this year: about 9.03% growth to 350 thousand sales.

However, GAC- Honda, which is during its second rapid growth period, has more ambition. It plans 15% growth to 500 thousand sales. However, GAC- Honda has its ammos as well, which include new Fit and Odyssey, improved Crosstour, and a new small size SUV.

Chinese owned brands bring much surprise for us last year, such as stable Great Wall, and fast growth Changan passenger car. But it is still behind the industry average as a whole. Chinese owned passenger car brands growth of last year is 11.37%, which is still behind 15.71% industry average growth. And it market share declines 1.57 points, which already behind 40%.