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The vehicle modification industry in abroad being mature and

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It’s learned through recent interview that the development of the modified vehicle industry in the regions such as Europe, America and Japan is more mature, where the vehicle modification factory establishes cooperation with the manufacturer, so the quality and technology can meet the requirements of the manufacturer. That is to say, as long as there’s new vehicle rolling off the production line, the corresponding modification factory will quickly put forward a full set of modification plan and parts for the owner to choose.
Besides, the modification factory in Europe, America and Japan has more professional talent training mechanism whose R&D personnel and technicians have higher theoretical level and operation skills, so the technical content of the modification is very high. For the aspects such as the quality of modification parts, technical specifications and driving of modified vehicle, there are corresponding standards and regulations in these regions.
Germany: Every large vehicle company has its exclusive modification company
Ever since its establishment, Benz has had many exclusive modification brands to serve it, among which AMG is the most famous. Founded in 1967, AMG has always taken Benz models in various caravan racings. In 1993, AMG was formally acquired by Mercedes and become an exclusive modification brand indeed, and the high performance models modified by AMG, along with the manufacturer maintenance, can officially reach the customers through regular Benz sales network. Besides AMG, Benz also establishes in-depth cooperation with some other modification companies.
BMW also has its exclusive modification product series called M-PowerGmbH. M-PowerGmbH is a high performance motion department which mainly upgrades the mass produced engines to high performance power system and put it in improved models under mass production to become the versions marked with M. For example, M3, M5 and M6 well-known to the fans are all its masterpieces.
Audi doesn’t lag behind, and four-wheel drive and turbocharging seem to be its vehicle manufacturing standard. QuattroGmbH was originally established for the development of four-wheel drive system, but later it introduced high performance versions for every series, e.g., RS4, RS6, etc.
Britain: has the largest racing car industrial market in the world
Britain has the largest racing car industrial market in the world, where you can find almost all the headquarters of the F1 racing teams as well as almost all the parts R&D centers about automotive industry.
Under such dense reserve of talent and hardware in automotive industry, Britain has highly developed vehicle modification culture.
According to statistics, the vehicle modification rate in Britain is up to 80%, so its vehicle modification part R&D, racing car industry and racing car commercialization are all the world’s best.
Japan: Specialized college in modification
Japan also spares no effort to support vehicle modification. Though there’s no statistics on the output value of Japan’s vehicle modification industry, it’s strengthen in this industry can be seen from modification manufacturer’s going public.
More critically, each of the top 10 vehicle brands in Japan has its exclusive modification factory. To promote the development of modification industry, Japan established Toyota Technical College Tokyo to cultivate professional modification talents.
Japan is a country with developed modification culture and sound laws and regulations. According to Clause 2 of Article 55 of Road Traffic Act of Japan, no modification can hinder the view or steering wheel operation of the driver or interfere with the normal function of rearview mirror and exterior lighting system, and this is a major prerequisite of a modified vehicle. In case the variation of size and weight exceeds the legal range after modificaiton, usually the owner needs to have the registered vehicle data changed. For example, to exchange the non-designated lamp, one needs to examine if the luminosity meets the standard since both a too bright and too dim lamp is to be rejected.
US: Over $40 billion industry scale
The industry scale of modification market in US has exceeded $40 billion, which is equivalent to nearly RMB300 billion. This includes the top talent reserve, processing technique, R&D capability and sales logistics among others in the whole automotive industry process. Besides, the modification company in US doesn't simply modify the original vehicle, and own brand model development with higher technical content has become the trend.