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Gross margin over 30% capital to accelerate into the automot

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Automobile sales gross margin of 4.4%, after sale market gross margin over 30%! Recently, Anhui province is the largest auto dealer group Wuhu automotive Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the automotive) in the letter of intent for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange published for the first time, high profit "inadvertently auto after market potential exposure" in the world.
"In the domestic automobile market growth gradually return to the rational case, dealers pay more attention to the automotive after market business degree is deepening." Recently, the general manager of J.D.Power Asia Pacific Company China Mei Songlin in accepting our newspaper interview said, in the J.D.Power2011 Chinese after sale service satisfaction index survey, due to the "service delivery" and "quality of service" progress, the index this year than last year increased 14 points, creating the highest record.
After the market development needs capital leverage
Reporter: mature automobile with the international market, the domestic automobile market is in the development stage and how?
Mei Songlin: in fact, the automobile market is divided into two parts, one is the automobile 4S stores under the authority of the automotive after market service, one is outside the 4S shop authorized and automotive service business (called narrow automotive after market). If from a point of view, the development of the car after the market China far below expectations, some brands of investment is not successful, or even withdraw from the case.
The causes of this phenomenon, one is the consumer awareness has not changed, from the psychological or more trust 4S stores the original accessories, even if more money; on the other hand, as the car market after the brand awareness and capital investment is not enough, unlike the 4S shop into a larger scale, in this situation, development speed of capital support faster, give consumer choice is more.
I hope that the future development of capital market can develop market leveraging narrow after the car. In Chinese in the automotive industry, capital market as early as the investment is the vehicle factory, now the vehicle factory investment pattern has been stereotyped, not much chance to dig, then turned to the 4S shop building, listing dealer group more and more. According to this logic continues, when 4S shop investment is becoming saturated, capital is likely to narrow the market.
Reporter: so what is the development of the market of capital leverage narrow car model?
Mei Songlin: to move after the development of the market must first invested, to set up distribution network, after the technology and personnel are in place, consumers will choose the market. Now the domestic car market after the input mode is simple, funding for car manufacturers, trade companies into market Co., step by step into the speed and scale restrict the development of the market. But the capital market investment returns are waiting space, so it can be more quickly to promote the development of the market. Therefore, the investment market is not only dependent on the vehicle plant and dealers, but also a capital participation.
Reporter: that is to say, in the future we automotive after market development will depend on the input from OEMs slowly turned to capital market participation?
Mei Songlin: I think so.
35000000 cars or into the car market after the turning point
Reporter: do you think 4S shop after controlling for market operations to the vehicle plant and dealers, probably account for a few percent of total revenue, in business is a more reasonable, healthy proportion?
Mei Songlin: it depends on the market development phase. If the average level of your ratio and industry to maintain consistent, it belongs to the normal range, the current industry average ratio is about 25%.
Reporter: at present the domestic automobile market appeared a new phenomenon, the dealer with local government construction of automobile industry park, further to expand after sale service market, what do you think of this mode?
Mei Songlin: I think the risk. Automobile industry whether products or service must have a brand, no brand differentiation, influence and visibility of the words, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger.
Reporter: America special automobile market has taken the development patterns?
Mei Songlin: in the American, often see several of WAL-MART's large supermarket side, basically has a few automotive after market service brand. They are often through a very strong automotive related products, such as tyre, lubricating oil and other products, to drive the after sale service market, and form their own characteristics on this basis, while the formation of the horizontal supporting services and derivative products. While the vehicle manufacturers will gradually customer service businesses, will focus on research and development, manufacturing core business such.
Reporter: Chinese car market to the development level of market development and to what degree can reach America car?
Mei Songlin: it depends on the domestic automobile market sales growth and how much potential for development, when car sales growth reached its peak gradually stagnate, then to see the after sale service. American is reached 17000000 units in sales after the start turning. Judging from the current situation, we expect Chinese auto sales peak will occur in 2020, then the domestic car sales will reach 35000000.